Monday, March 7, 2011

Stripey Stripes

I have a penchant for stripes - particularly navy and white stripes interspersed with red.  I also like, in small doses, nautical-inspired designs.  Maybe it's because I grew up near the ocean.  Maybe it's a nod to something else.  Whatever the case, navy/white stripes have a special draw for me.

 {Image from pinkandgreenowl}
Don't these red boots just make the picture?  It seems such a fitting picture for a day like today:  rain, snow, rain again, and sun.  Also, I would love a pair of those tights for my seven year old!

{Bag by BAGGU}
One of these packable bags from BAGGU would be a welcome gift for any busy mom.  I always try to keep at least one packable bag stashed in my purse and/or car for those times when we've collected too many pinecones at the park, or stopped for fresh fruit at the market, or any myriad of times when our hands runneth over.

{Top from Anthropologie}
Love this top Anthropologie.  I can almost feel the sand between my toes.
And, these shoes.  Well, how sweet are they?  'Nuff said.

See, don't you love a little navy/white stripe and red too?  Doesn't it make you feel like going to the beach?  If you want to bring a little something special home, check out this treasury created by an Etsy seller (also features one of my nautical-inspired anchor pillows!).

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