Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Geography Is Cool

One of the best things we have sitting in our family room is a globe.

Originally, I just wanted an old-fashioned globe.  One that spins around and around and allows us the chance to see all the countries moving by, helping all of us to keep in perspective where we are in the world.  My two oldest kids are now seven and five and always want to know where places are that they've read and heard about in books, or where we've traveled and lived (pre-kids).

For Christmas we were given the Oregon Scientific Smart Globe.
Oregon Scientific PR18SC-09 Smart Globe Deluxe Edition with AC Adapter

I typically have an aversion to electronic gadgets and games.  All the distracting chimes, dings and noises drives me bonkers.  

But, this.  This is different.  

It really has been such a fun (and educational..gasp!) addition to our family life.  It can be updated with world news - and, through that my kids have learned a lot about the quake in Haiti, the changes in the Middle East, and, most recently, the tragedies in Japan.

There are geography challenges; facts about each country and individual U.S. state; distances between locations, etc.  It even plays the national anthems to the different countries.  My kids love to hit that option and dance around the room to the different countries' anthems.

Along those same lines of geography, and wanting to continue to instill in our kids the awareness of the world outside our front door, I found this great project on Design Sponge.  I think it would make a great addition to a wall in my kids' shared bedroom (girl/boy sharing a room...deserves a post of its' own).

Check this out:

So fun.  I think we'll mark it with the places that all of our relatives live - that should cover quite a bit of the country.  

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