Friday, April 8, 2011

hand sewn

The night before we headed out of town for our trip to the desert, I quickly threw in some fabric and notions. We were going to be traveling for 10 hours in a car (both directions), plus the quiet hours of monitoring nap time in a hotel room, so I needed some things to keep my hands busy.

It was a good thing that I threw in some fabric scraps and the like.  Once we got settled in our place, we found that the hotel didn't have wi-fi.  What?!  All my well-laid plans to catch up on computer-y things went out the window.

And, look.  I was so well-prepared that I was able to whip out my crafting bag and get busy.  

Some new little spots to hold my pins during sewing.  So cute.  They remind me of traditional Japanese toys that I discovered when I lived there.  

Little fabric flowers.  What to do with them all?  Some have found their way on to hair clips for my seven year old.  One even made it's way as a package topper on a recently sold pillow.  

Both little items are so fun to make and super cute when finished.

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