Friday, April 22, 2011

good morning, good friday

I thought I'd try my hand at Hot Cross Buns.  It seems a fitting food for this time of year.  When making them I couldn't help but want to sing the Mother Goose rhyme, "Hot cross buns; hot cross buns; one a penny, two a penny...."

Traditionally I realize that they're supposed to contain currants.  But, out of my household of five, I'm the only one who likes raisins/currants in my food.  So, for these little buns I left out the currants.  I did, however, add a healthy dose of orange zest instead.  

They turned out alright for my first go at them.  Excuse the messy frosting crosses.  I am not too skilled at frosting yet.

The recipe is here - making it even easier with a bread machine!

1 comment:

  1. Kara - these look goooood! I think I need to try these....;)



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