Friday, October 14, 2011

fire station pumpkins

Here's another reason why we like Boise:  Fire Station Pumpkins.

The firemen of a local fire station planted a pumpkin patch behind their fire house.  Now that it is harvest time, the pumpkin patch is open to all.  You park your car, stomp around the patch and find the perfect pumpkin.

Or two.

Or three.

Or, in our case, five...not including the minis.

All pumpkins are on the donation/honor system.  All monies go to the Fallen Firefighter Fund.

Yesterday, two of my three kids and I stopped to bring home some lovely orange pumpkins.

The best part of the morning was the impromptu tour of the inside of the fire house and fire trucks.  As we were dropping off our donations, a kind firefighter asked us if we wanted to come in and check things out.

Of course we did!

We were able to see the inside of the station, the rooms where they stay, the radios and computers, and the most important part - the trucks.  My five year old and two year old were in awe.

Such a fun surprise.  So that, coupled with the genius idea of a pumpkin patch behind the fire station, is just one more reason why we think Boise is pretty darn great.

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