Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Spruce Up

When the air gets crisp in the morning and the leaves begin to hint at changing colors, I always want to dig in and get things straightened up and squared away for the fast approaching fall and winter season.  One of the biggest spaces that needs some TLC in our home is my wee studio.

I love that it has a glass door that I can close to  keep the clutter at bay.  However, it is desperately time to sort, clean, and organize.  For me, a clean space is much-needed in order to design and create.  If I've got a mess in front of me, it zaps and overwhelms any creativity. I have so many ideas bopping around in my head, that I definitely need this space to be cleaned so I can get started!

I am so thankful for my space, but it is teeny-tiny.  So, I always have my eye out for sweet studio spaces to be inspired by.

{I love this studio from Little Pincushion Studio}

{Great backyard studio!  From The Adventures of Tartanscot}

{Look at that organization and color.  Amazing!  From Everything Etsy}

{I envy the light in this painting studio.  My studio is void of windows, and I daily think about adding skylights...something, anything for natural light!  Image from via Pinterest}

{The amazing Anna Maria Horner's studio space. Perfect.}

Alright, I'm inspired.  Is there a studio space that you desire?  Where do you create?  Kitchen table, closet, garage?  

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  1. Oh sweet Kara - I love everything about you. I will come to your house tomorrow and start cutting out skylights if that is what you need. I'm a fanatic about natural light, too, and have been known to insist on the presence in ridiculous places. The red and turquoise room you posted will always remind me of you, and the sweet banner that I have displayed along my bookshelves. Mr. L bought me a new sectional this week and guess what color it is??? Red! And I'm repanting my living room... Robin's Egg Blue because I'm so inspired by you. Whatever you touch will turn to gold, my dear! xoxo Miss you so much.



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